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      About us

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      Core Idea& Vision


        Core Ideas

        ·Honest and Integrity

        ·Customer-oriented Better Quality and Service      

        ·Respect Employees and Provide Opportunities

        ·Continuous Improvement, Pursuit of Excellence 

        Leader Vision:

        ·To Be The Leading Company of Composite Materials!

      About us Core Idea& Vision Social?Responsibility

      Zhenjiang plant & Technique Center
      Add:Dantu Developing Zone,Zhenjiang,Jiangsu province 
      Tel: 0086 511 85687909
      Web Site: www.asjlaad.com
      Huai’an Licheng factory
      Add:18# Chuyan load,Huaian industry Zone,Huaian City,Jiangsu province

      Nanjing Sales Center
      Add:Floor3,Building7,Jiangsu Geographic Information Industrial Park at No.18 of North Lingshan Road,Qixia District,Nanjing City,Jiangsu Province
      Mobile Phone:0086 13705156211
      Tel: 0086 25 52813066 /52813266 ?
      Fax: 0086 25 52813166
      Email: wangyuyang@njleader.cn